A nostalgic suite for piano HUMBLE MEMORIES Dimitri Arnauts I music and texts Emmy Wils & Tim Mulleman I straight strung grand piano Aurélien Dony I reciter This suite of small and contrasted pieces of piano music, 'Humble Memories', is a set of musically translated reminiscences of my own childhood and adolescence years. But in fact, anyone may have in his memory similar remembrances of such moments and atmospheres…  View the CONCERT FILM

A day of peace in the life of a village

An African-European symphonic suite


Music composed by Dimitri Arnauts

Illustrated by schoolchildren

from Uganda and Belgium


World Premiere in Brussels, date tbc


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 This new work is dedicated to the faithful of the three monotheistic religions - who have been, through constant quarrel and raging wars, neglecting or making impossible the most ardent wish of God for his Creation: Peace on Earth.


This large-scale oratorio in three parts will be likely be completed by end 2017

hexaludium project

24 Six-part electronic fantasies exploring the universes of musical form and space
- through intertwined fugues, chorales and canons.


Music composed by Dimitri Arnauts

Discover the pre-release of the electronic version here !



World Premiere in Brussels, date tbc

(public concert)


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The nativity story according to the different gospels, brought as a contrastful oratorio in the Dutch language...


The warm and tender light of Christmas, lighting up the faces of the weak, the slaves and the poor, bringing them hope and joy, so they can say and sing:



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How long still? ORATORIO

A new Oratorio about the common potentially tragic fate of nature and mankind.


Now searching for principal sponsors for a charity concert related to the preservation of


Psalms of david project

 The Scripture, and within it more particularly the inspired Psalms, is for me a permanent source of inspiration and motive.


To this day, I have set to music about 35 Psalms,

but a lot more are still work in progress...


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Ex Cathedra

 20  new chorales, preludes and fugues for organ: listen to the FREE Album online !

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