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AdFontes Consort of Music

A new project for you in the heart of Brussels, Belgium:  the ADFONTES Consort of Music.

As a composer with a predilection for euphonic tonal harmony, melody, sacred polyphony, fugue and counterpoint, I’m cordially inviting you to participate to an inspiring, thrilling and original artistic challenge and adventure: bringing the tradition of the sacred cantata and oratorio back to life through exciting thematic concerts, as well as in a real liturgical context.

The ADFONTES Consort of Music ensemble calls for able, motivated and talented professional singers, soloists and instrumentalists - with skills ranging from talented conservatory students to seasoned professionals with soloistic abilities – who have the desire to foster, ignite and embody a real renaissance of sacred music!

During the first 2019/20 season, we aim to constitute a medium-sized instrumental and vocal ensemble of about 12 vocalists and 12 instrumentalists, to be expanded further over time.

This early ADFONTES Consort of Music core will perform about 5 festive and thematic musical masses, followed by two concerts the same week, evenly spread every 2 to 3 months over the season and starting with a first creation concert end of November 2019. End of 2020, the Ensemble will premiere a major new oratorio as closure of the first season.

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