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A symphony of hope for a broken civilization

About the project


A second symphony of my composition, in three movements and with a duration of 49 minutes. Currently looking for a skilled and energetic philharmonic/symphonic society to have it premiered.

About the work: it is a classical symphony structure in its basic shapes, but each movement is more or less free form inside – albeit very remotely inspired by the canonical sonata forms…

Its title is ‘Avondland / Ereb’, (= Ponant, Occident or Europe, in Hebrew, Phoenician, Greek, and Sanskrit) and it is meant as an opposite and antidote to the quite gloomy connotation of its etymology (‘darkness, dark lands’): it is instead meant to be full of hope, light, drive and joy. It’s my modest musical take on a possible positive future for our continent and common civilization.

The work lasts about 49 minutes, over three movements:

Movement I: Alla Breve con pace - Presto con fuoco / 29'min
Movement II: Vivace ma sereno / 9'min
Movement III: Saltando con forza / 12'min

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