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To B. De Bruyn.

Tes bons yeux verts n’ont su suffire

Face à l’aveugle cruauté

A t’éviter ce long martyre

Que tes boucles ont inspiré

Tous tes pleurs jamais séchés

Et nos coups pour en finir

Pourras-tu les oublier

Sans ce chant de repentir?

Dimitri Arnauts

Music and text

Emmy Wils

Tim Mulleman


Excerpt from the concert,

held on 7 May 2018 in BOZAR Brussels - Belgium, featuring the world première of a four-hands piano suite composed by Dimitri Arnauts: Humble Memories.


Performers were Emmy Wils and Tim Mulleman, playing on the straight-strung grand piano built by Chris Maene and Maestro Daniel Barenboim.


Walloon poet and author Aurélien Dony recited interstitial poetry written by Dimitri Arnauts.


To B. De Bruyn.


© COPYRIGHT 2020 by Dimitri Arnauts. All rights reserved.

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