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Break your Bread with the Hungry

A cantata for the Poor


About the project


This cantata is a testimony to the poor, the rejected and the oppressed. It aims to evoke respectfully their lament, their despair and pain - their call for help amidst the world's triumphant laugh and scorn.


But the oppressed hearts and starving souls can rejoice and find hope: indeed, the Lord hears the cry of the poor, and He despises not those who lay down in chains. God weeps at the sight of our indifference and despise, and rejoices in our good deeds...


One of the most powerful answers of God to the suffering of the abandoned is the conversion of the greedy, the proud and the selfish towards charity and compassion.


In the footsteps of Jesus Christ, we are all called to follow His example on the path of charity, compassion and sacrifice - serving those who have been denied everything.


They received nothing from the world, but God invites all of them first to the great Banquet of Love and Joy, preparing for them seats of dignity, delight and abundance.

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