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Communion of Tears

In a dimly lit room
The candle burning low
On the last bit of its thread

At the broken table
Swaying empty of today’s bread.

Four empty stomachs
Eight outstretched hands
Eight teary eyes
All looking at poor old Beth.


With half hopeless anticipation

The children went on weeping.

The candle burnt out.

And in the thick darkness
Beth joined the sobbing chorus
In the communion of tears.

Weeping still
The hands reached out searching
For their mother in the dark.

Valentine Kizito


Marieke De Koker

Soprano Solo

Videography & Art Direction


Dimitri Arnauts




Action Against Hunger is a global humanitarian organization that takes decisive action against the causes and effects of hunger. By implementing programs that focus on nutritional support, access to clean water, and food security initiatives, Action Against Hunger strives to treat and prevent malnutrition and hunger in over 17 million people across 46 countries.

© Copyright 2021 Dimitri Arnauts, Marieke de Koker, Valentine Kizito. All rights reserved.

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