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Imploration for Peace

I share prayers and hope for peace, relief, safe return, reparation and reconciliation between East and West if possible, in all of Ukraine.

I wish to Mr President Volodymyr Zelensky and to Mr. President Vladimir Putin - or to any Western or eastern Ukrainian no other victory than that of peace, penance, reparation and hopefully reconciliation, when time will perhaps have softened the pain and grief for lost brothers, children, fathers, uncles, mothers, elders

Victims of war chaos and 'random' hits, heroic in resistance or dragged into the battlefield... 

Dragged to their deaths from all far or near 'safe backlines' 'boldly' ordering the moves or removals of 'others' from their high 'bald mountains'

Dragged by a starred or striped Gotha of legionnaires on war horses, leaders sparing themselves the painful reality of the stripes of whips and rods, the bleeding wounds of thorns circling, the hammer crushing and piercing nails through servant hands and through peaceful bare feet, the final deadly sting of death on Calvary.


​But not only in such a small 'East-West sector' of our artificially divided globe, not only in the now burning and suffering latitudes between Kiev and Donetsk !

Our Earth, an increasingly heated-up sphere, bowing more than ever to the 'brightest' forces of Evil and to the 'glitter' of luxus, rather than bowing to the Eternal True Light of the Good, Kind and Gentle God of all roots - old or young, noble or common...

God's Light: The sole true source of LOVE and LIFE, shining from dawn to dusk, every day, as much in my little studio, as in your Kremlin, Mr Putin's, or as in your White House, Mr Biden...

Nice paintings and wall colors, dear Mr Putin, Mr Zelensky, Mr Biden, Mr Xi ! 

An open book for the eyes and minds of all people who want to abide by God's lightning-fast counsel and good judgment in favor of love, kindness and mercy - think about that...

Peace on Earth...

For the 'East-West sector' around Kiev's & Donetsk's latitudes, yes, but rather: for an 'all-around-the-world-clock', 24/7 lasting Peace, please...

Be wise as 24 elders, not unwise as running serpents devouring each other's small snake or big dragon tails in endlessly vulturing 'resets without rest', winding down towards a final 'black-hole' exhaustion!

Rather, make peace - like 7 colors uniting in sacred harmony and white purity.

Don't cancel 'white'!

It is, here in our material universe, the very visible face of God:


Be it recognized in Unborn Children blessed with a still spotless-white record of sins...

As you were bold enough to recognize and (once) willing to defend against the new glutton Molochs and their revolting Leninist 'stream of infant blood', dear Vladimir, dear Volodymyr, and dear Joseph:

Please God, dare to go further:  dare to become the new 'Toussaint L'Ouverture' for every yet unborn Russian, Ukrainian or American nascent life, still subordinated as 'clumps' to the claws of greed and death and planned for unholy holocausts of fire - do not further 'dispose' of them as if they were worthless trash on a barbaric plantation: abolish the chains of servitude killing them early, to let them thrive and grow in the fertile wombs of eternal Life - as God wants for each of them.



Be it revered in the Wounded Sacrament adored - without any lush gold claddings and (B)orgiac luxury anymore - in nearly emptied and scorned-down churches worldwide...

As you were supposed to revere and preserve against the new Titus'es, dear Joseph:


Please God, become rather a new Cyrus: allow and pursue to build back the catholic churches desecrated, destroyed and rotten by Lucifer and its dark demonic forces!


Be it seen as the Divine Mercy triumphing over the stings of death and its 'Lefteous' or 'Righteous' wars... as the trembling and frail white flag of vanquished, tired, overwhelmed heroic enemy soldiers, trapped in steel bonds and in the smoke-darkened rusty cells of bygone materialism - enemies to be loved again as the brothers you once were, distant siblings just longing to get back home, to repair their humble houses, hug their dear children and cherish their beloved spouses...

As you are now called to let Mercy be seen - by the whole world - triumphing above anger and vengeance also in your own wounded hearts, good hearts still hurt by the same depths and powers of Hell that struck in starved and ravaged Leningrad, or that fiery raged through humble village farms, dear Vladimir and dear Volodymyr:


Please God, be merciful Kings, rather than stone-hearted white-washed temple kaizars throwing the final stone: offer unconditional peace, life and pardon, to be yourself freed from the bonds of sin, and please grant the desperate and trapped soldiers the salvation of their lives, for them firstly, and secondly: for your own fate before the Merciful Good God.

Dimitri Arnauts
Saturday, May 14, 2022 - 
Kampenhout, Belgium

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.
Gospel of John, 15: 13

The Lord is gracious and compassionate,
slow to anger and rich in love.
The Lord is good to all;
he has compassion on all he has made.

Psalm 144: 8-9

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