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In Terra Pax

on traditional monotheistic texts (Several languages).

About the work


The three main monotheistic faith communities on this planet have had the invaluable privilege of receiving the Revelation of God's plan, commitment and love for his Creation.


But have we been worthy of this immense legacy and responsibility -  and of God's trust placed in us?


Millenniums of mutual hatred, distrust, jealousy, hidden malevolence or open conflict have left a trail of tragic and bloody scars in the fabric of mankind - all due to the exclusive greed for power and glory, to unmerited pride or even the outright neglecting of God's existence and will.


This long history of conquest wars, mutual feuds and plots is a outrageous negation of God's initial call - and numerous reminders - for a peaceful, caring and loving way of life.


This oratorio aims to remind us of the pressing call and desire of the Lord, as heralded by his angels to humble shepherds: "Glory to God, and Peace on Earth towards all Mankind whom He loves."


It is structured in three parts:


Peace upon Israel


Blessed be the Nations


Thy Kingdom come



The music and the texts, taken from the three monotheistic traditions, are here joined together in an ardent plea for respecting the benevolent commandments of our Creator, for hearing his call for Justice and Mercy, for expecting and working towards the divine vision of the Beatitudes - and hearing the reminders of the innumerable Prophets, Saints and Martyrs for the cause of Reconciliation and Peace between all humans.


It is a hopeful expectation that - this day will come - all tears will stop flowing and our blood will cease to be shed, and that the infinite blessings of Peace promised will be realised across the entire Earth.


If you would like to help me to stage this oratorio and bring it to the public, feel free to contact me:

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