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Scoring for Visual Media

I am now starting to deliver music for visual media and storytelling... My fields of interest are: independent film, author film, documentary, short film, faith-inspired films, animation film and presentation trailers for good causes and projects. 

I want to leverage my capacities in composition to foster and help create meaningful and beautiful forms of Art that are giving service or testimony to the highest aspirations of Human Beings, that respect their original Essence, their elevated Destiny and their fundamental universal and particular Dignity. 

I will thus NOT score for media or stories that are apologetic of crime, violence, horror, perversion, sectarianism, occultism, indecency, intolerance or tyranny, etc...

I am founding member of the new international film composer collective MUSE11.

MUSE11 is an International Composer Collective founded by 11 upcoming European music composers with various profiles, backgrounds and with a wide array of expertise. MUSE11 was created in August 2018 in Utrecht, when a diverse group of talented emerging composers decided to form a very free and quite informal artistic group, as they were attending film music course at the HKU in Utrecht, The Netherlands. 

The composers from the MUSE11 collective are actively building up their expertise in the areas of film and shortfilm music, concert and theatre music and music for media, advertising, games, as well as brand identity and music production.

Interested in working with me? Contact me !

Please also check my indicative & negotiable 2020 Tariff.

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