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Concert Movie of the creation concert, held on 7 May 2018 in BOZAR Brussels - Belgium


World première of a four-hands piano suite composed by

Dimitri Arnauts:


Humble Memories


Performers were:

Emmy Wils and Tim Mulleman

Students at the Royal Conservatory of Music

in Brussels


They were playing on the - then unique in the world - straight-strung grand piano built by

Chris Maene & Daniel Barenboim.


Aurélien Dony

recited interstitial poetry written by

Dimitri Arnauts.

Live Regie & Camera work by

Emanuel Parent & Dries Teeuwen

from Kapiteineenoog

Audio recorded by

Yannick Willox
from Acoustic Recording Services

Film editing done by

Dimitri Arnauts


© Dimitri Arnauts 2018. All rights reserved.

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