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Forsaken Love

For Violin and Orchestra


Only time can mend

what has been broken,


And fill the hole

of words unspoken.


Replace what has been

fear and hate,


Stop any further destruction

in the wake,


and send a warming smile to the one

that all has forsaken.


show a light down a path,

without wrath.


And show love in its full form,


Mending the heart that is

almost beyond reform.


A heart that life has

torn like a hook,


Taking what can be took.


Time does mend a soul

that is far more than broken,


By words unspoken.

― Ettie Christian-Bowling


Miriam Kramer

Violin Solo


Dimitri Arnauts


Edward Durcan

 Recording Engineer

© Copyright 2021 Dimitri Arnauts. All rights reserved.

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