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​A sinner’s Plea for Mercy

To the Venerable Justices of the Supreme Court
Of the United States of America

Placed into the Highest Seats
Charged and entrusted with the burden 
To speak and be a voice of the True Law: 

The Law of Mercy above Righteousness
The Law of Mercy above Perfection

May you remember, esteemed Judges,
- Under the gaze of your own Father and Mother
That you always have been, and are all 
Free of any past allegiance
- even if in debt to the world or fearing its evils.

Left or right of the Cross of Suffering: 
All those dark bonds of death and sin
Were, and are, void and null
In the eyes of God Almighty

At this very grave time of ruling
I - myself a grave sinner in the depths,
Chained, burdened and barren by my sin,
Guilty of aborting and betraying -trice -
My own Life, Blessing and Promise,
I dare to Humbly ask you, Justices, 
And I, albeit unworthy, implore God:

May He infuse your thought with His Wisdom
Your hearts with His Mercy and His Tears

And may you, Supreme Justices, 
Listen only to the voice of your own kind heart:


Remember the blessings and trials of your childhood
And boldly raise up for this Ruling: 
Choose to open again the barren Springs of Life
Choose to open back the Gates of Heaven
To be the Good Thief.

At this moment of Conversion
of turning away from mortal sin
at this frail dawn of Hope:  

For all your children, past and to come

For all your parents and ancestors
Having suffered, worked and fought to subsist,
To find refuge, to be freed, to be spared,  
to be held in honor and remembrance,  
to be fed, clothed, to be reinstated.
Having labored to give you Life.

As a sign of God’s true Light
As an example for all Nations of the World
As a testimony, witness of Truth
As an act of Supreme Mercy and Love

As a Monument of Humanity
Of true Greatness and Goodness,
Built - back and again !
In tears of grief and joy

A miracle, a rebirth and new awakening 
A blessing spilling over to all Nations

To the Leaders and the Guides
Of the United States of America:

Abiding by Gods Law,
As a young colorful brother, thrown away
Sold and bought to be enslaved, 
Bruised, mocked and scorned, 
But saved from a dark pit:
God gives Life! 

As an angelic Trumpet 
Witness of Glory, Greatness and Victory
Bruised, mocked and scorned,
Unjustly counted amongst thieves
But again heralding, loud and clear:
The Lord is King! 
He rules the Earth!


Please !

Be the Artisans of Peace, Grace and Mercy
Work and Serve towards 
A faithful return of your People 
To God the Creator 

To the true, unseen, servant Capstone 
The only Source of Truth and Light
Defeating the towers and temples of Death

As a freed and blessed people in grief, 
Finally answering to His call
Throwing away your greedy idols
The glows of gold and silver, 
The fumes of fire and steel

Heirs and guests of a fertile land 
Vast, and longing to welcome new seeds,
Sown in stride, fear and tears,
But soon to be refilled and bearing
Fruits of the everlasting first Promise:

Of harvests of life, love and abundance
Filling cribs, cradles, homes and gardens,
With the divine music of laughter and joy,
With the shouts of your sons and daughters

Of waves of hope, energy, and strength
Filling all hearts, minds, and arms
The way is wide open, the path is cleared, 
Back and Again !

A passage through Darkness
Leading to the True Light of Love:
Life has overcome Death! 


To all Artists and Creators
Clay in the Hands of the Potter
Broken vases welcoming Light

Be you lonely or loved
Be you praised or struggling
Be you barren or fertile
Be you blessed or tried: 


May you dare to let speak up 
Your good hearts and gentle souls

In memory of your own mothers
and of the days of your youth, 
May your boldly join your voices, 
Your strengths, into a mighty Chorus !

Sounding high and clear!

A common flow of Love
A shared stream of Hope 
A new surge of Mercy

A wailing of Penance 
A memorial of Grief
A river of Tears
A duty of Memory

A promise of enduring Care
A commitment of Support
A vow of Protection and Defense
A joyful Engagement, forever 

In favor of those Smallest Ones,
In favor of their wounded Mothers,
Of their struggling Fathers,
Still to become and be
Right now, soon or once,
for ever and ever:

Mother, Father and Child


In Memory of St Thomas and St Anthimus,

To the Mother of Miraculous Flowers,

Defender of all Orphans,
of all Lost or Aborted Children

Dimitri Arnauts
Wednesday May 11, 2022

Kampenhout, Belgium

In the wake of a Great Battle


I tell you that, if these shall hold their peace, the stones will cry out. 
Gospel of Luke, 19:39

Very Imperfect and Broken - but Alive!

Vocal Improvisations by 
Dimitri Arnauts and 
A Mysterious Multitudes Choir
Countless Unnumbered
Small and Pure Creatures, 
Yet Unheard of,  
joining me

From Lower Fractal Dimensions

with their High-Pitched Voices
From Dwellings Close To
God's Most Sacred Heart

Bleeding out of Mercy

Weeping out of Grief

Burning with Eternal Love

Shining an Holy Arc

of  True and Good Light


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