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Symphony n°3

Composed in 2018,
For the Russian People


I. Alla Marcia - Prestissimo (11'):
'The Faithful Springs'

II. Allegro Moderato (11'):
'Tears of the Steppe'

III. Lento - Animato - Con Fuoco (18'):
'The Devil's Lure'

IV. Prestissimo (12'):
'A Free People'

Muisc by Dimitri Arnauts

To dear Russia,

To my vast and colourful land
Patchwork of people
Cluster of faiths sincere
Beacon of hope at its best
Torch of fear at its worst

Russia, that suffered since ages
By an unspeakable tragedy
Whispered or cried about
That was blessed since ages
By a blissful divine light

To its leaders and its guides,
To its artists and thinkers,
To its workers and peasants,
To its soldiers and mourning ones,
To its mothers and fathers,
To its sons and daughters.

May they never forget
The voice of their brothers
Alive, dying or gone away

Crying from their soil
Fallen as heroes
Murdered as prisoners
Slaves unfree from slavery

Believers scorned and bruised
By the horns of Evil
By the might of Lucre

Crying from distant shores
Exiled from terrors
Fleeing old furores
Butt loving still the shores
Of seas and rivers dears
Where their ancestors lived

I know your warm hearts
I long for your smiles
I love your kind soul
I am in awe for your faith
I fear for our souls
I fear for our lives

Please, do not forget
The price paid to forgetting
When strength become violence
When defence become vengeance
When service becomes slavery
When faith reverts to ideology

You are faithful people
You are courageous people
You are servants of God
And heirs to His promises

Please, leader of Russia !
Do not let yourself by pushed
Into a heart of steel
Into a soul of fire
Into a mind of vengeance
This would be Satan's victory

As you walked and desired
To come and stay closer to God
The One who blesses you

Do not let in the temptation of Evil
That lurks the powerful
That swamps the creative
That kills the powerless
That darkens the soul
That lowers your joy
That aborts your future

But it has two sides
One from the outside
Easier to condemn and fight
One from the inside
Heavier to refrain and overcome

I have no right nor dignity
To lecture lessons
I have no light or purity
To offer answers

I just pray the Russian people
The People of Russia
Will not suffer again
Unspeakable tragedies

Wil not cause to suffer
Unneeded tears closing eyes
Unwanted graveyards lining the fields
Any more further or longer

Alexander's empire did not last
Alexander's words did:

"Men had forgotten God;
that is why all this has happened.

One word of truth
outweighs the world.
Let the lie
come into the world,
let it even triumph.
But not through me."*

Dimitri Arnauts
The 23rd of July 2022

* Quotes from Alexander Solzhenitsyn

In memory of the innumerable and forgotten
Victims of communism in Russia.

In honor of one their most noble, bold and truthful witnesses, Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

Dimitri Arnauts-Kolokolov

В память о бесчисленных и забытых жертвах коммунизма в России.

Димитрий Арнаутс-Колоколов

© Copyright Dimitri Arnauts 2018-2022. All rights reserved.

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