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 A Symphonic Prayer for Peace across the whole Rus

on the note=letter melodies of
‘RUS’ & ‘MIR’

Prayer for Peace across the whole Rus

I share again the People of the World's prayers and hope for the return of peace, relief, safe return, reparation and reconciliation - if once possible, in all of Ukraine ! - and if once this dream could happen: between the whole West and East of the shattered and divided Christian world.

I wish to Mr. President Volodymyr Zelensky and to Mr. President Vladimir Putin - or to any Ukrainian or Russian - no other victory than that of peace, penance, reparation and hopefully reconciliation between brothers separated by Evil, when time will perhaps have softened the pain and grief for lost brothers, children, fathers, uncles, mothers, elders.

You were starved and persecuted by
the Evil of Bolshevism

You were annihilated and exiled by
the Evil of Nazism

You were scourged and oppressed by
the Evil of Tyranny

You were wounded and bruised by
the Evil of Apostasy

You are now bleeding and dying by
the Evil of Greed and War

What has opposed and divided you, has always been Evil

What has united you, and could unite you again, can only be Goodness, Faith, Sanctity and Mercy

May Saint Michael and Saint George protect, defend and save the Ukrainian and Russian people from the snares of Evil and from the Scourge of War.

In tempore belli,


Dimitri Arnauts, composer

Tuesday, March 26, 2024 - 

© COPYRIGHT 2024  by Dimitri Arnauts.

All rights reserved 

Image credits: Yaroslav Shuraev and Sergei Alesenko on 

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