On the 7th of November each year now, free States and People around the world who are defenders and supporters of Freedom, Dignity, Equity, Justice, Truth, Life and the Rule of Law and Democracy, are holding in dear remembrance - and cherishing in their wounded hearts:  the countless peoples, families, elders and ancestors, fathers, mothers and children who have been destroyed, brought to death and erased by communism.

By doing this, I want to make a modest contribution through Art to honor the memory of the innumerable victims of this vicious ideology of absolute hatred, burning jealousy, omnipresent lies, rampant civil delation and slavish submission to an evil totalitarian state, obsequious and manipulative official media, and criminally violent politics upheld my lethal zealots and a coward and comfortable nomenklatura - that has left a tragic legacy of scars and horrendous crimes against Humanity throughout its murderous and deceitful course in the past century...

As the proud and free descendant of my grandfather Mikhail Kolokolov, I present to your meditation and your prayer this sad March of the Forgotten:

In memory of the innumerable and forgotten Victims of communism in Russia.

Dimitri Arnauts-Kolokolov

В память о бесчисленных и забытых жертвах коммунизма в России.

Димитрий Арнаутс-Колоколов