2020 Commission Tariffs

My commissioning fees for the year 2020
(per minute of finalized music in score format, in EUR):


Instrumental monophonic solo work: 200.- EUR/min.

Instrumental polyphonic solo work (piano, organ, harp, etc...): 350.- EUR/min



Chamber music work for 2-3 instrumentalists/singers: 500.- EUR/min

Chamber music work for 4-5 instrumentalists/singers: 550.- EUR/min

Chamber music work for 6-9 instrumentalists/singers: 600.- EUR/min


Work for chamber, band or symphonic orchestra, up to 15 parts:  800.- EUR/min

Work for chamber, band or symphonic orchestra, more than 15 parts:  1000.- EUR/min

Work for full orchestra, vocal soloists and/or choir:  1200.- EUR/min

Work for orchestra and instrumental soloist (concerto):  900.- EUR/min



A cappela SATB choral work: 400.- EUR/min

Choral work SATB with organ: 500.- EUR/min

Choral work SATB with instrumental ensemble, max 5 parts: 600.- EUR/min

Vocal ensemble, more than 6 voices:  500.- EUR/min


Soundtrack for short film, trailer, etc... under 8 minutes of total sound duration: 500.- EUR/min

Soundtrack for documentary, etc... under 40 minutes of total sound duration: 400.- EUR/min

Soundtrack for feature film, etc... under 2h30 minutes of total sound duration: 300.- EUR/min

I do NOT score for media or stories that are apologetic of crime, violence, horror, perversion, sectarianism, occultism, intolerance or tyranny, etc...


For selected good philanthropic, ecologic or humanitarian non-profit causes, or for usage in church liturgy, I consider also writing new music PRO BONO.

All tariffs above mentioned are indicative medians and subject to further agreement, based on the project specificity and complexity.

Whatever your means: I do not want money to stand in the way of Art.