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Song and poem remembering the tragedy of the Earthquake of Al Haouz in Morocco, on 9 September 2023.


A project by Dimitri Arnauts, (composer of music and text)

and Hicham Chouki (reciter and translator)


© Copyright 2023 Dimitri Arnauts & Hicham Chouki. All rights reserved.

Solidarity with the victims of the earthquake in Morocco 🇲🇦

The King Baudouin Foundation is facilitating solidarity with the victims, to complement the aid that will be provided by our governments and humanitarian organisations.

👉 Would you like to make a donation to the victims of the earthquake via the KBF?
They have set up a Donors' Circle to collect funds to help them.

ℹ️ More info:

With the kind permission of the King Baudouin Foundation.

Le vent soufflera

Sur tes murs roux

Dans tes places vides

Tes palais blessés


Le silence s’élèvera

Des maisons en deuil

Frères et sœurs

Pères, mères, enfants


Un ruisseau de larmes

Jaillira des sables

Jusqu’aux urnes vertes

De la place du village


Une griffe de sang

A tracé à la corde

Des rides de pleurs

Sur nos visages


Mais demain, l’aube

Se lèvera sur un berceau

Où ton sourire clair

Ouvrira un chemin neuf 



Dimitri Arnauts 

Le 11 Septembre 2023




The wind will blow

On your barren walls

In your empty places

Your wounded courts


A silence will raise

From grieving homes

Brothers and sisters

Fathers, Mothers, Children


A stream of tears

Bursting from the sands

Till the green urns

On the village yard


A claw of blood

Traced with no mercy

Trails of grief

Into our faces


But, tomorrow’s dawn

Will shine on a cradle

Where a smile of light

Opens a new way



Dimitri Arnauts 

11 September 2023


سوف تهب الرياح

 على جدرانك الحمراء

 في أماكنك الفارغة

 جروحك المجروحة


 سوف يرتفع الصمت

 بيوت في حداد

 إخوة وأخوات

 الآباء والأمهات والأطفال


 تيار من الدموع

 سوف ينبع من الرمال

 حتى صناديق الاقتراع الخضراء

 من ساحة القرية


 مخلب من الدم

 تتبعها بحبل

 خطوط البكاء

 على وجوهنا


 لكن غدا الفجر

 سوف يرتفع على المهد

 أو ابتسامتك الواضحة

 سيفتح طريقا جديدا



 ديمتري أرناوتس

 11 سبتمبر 2023

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