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Dedicated to all sacrificed soldiers who left their homes to give their lives, causing others to have to flee theirs to save their lives from war.




War is everywhere

 We found fire to warm us

 But she destroyed us

 We discovered fire to cook with it

 We ate, but it burned us

 I am the soldier who left his homeland

 Leaving his wife and children

 that I carried in my arms

 And I got my weapon

 I am afraid that I will not return to them

 They took us for gun training

 Wearing a fight suit

 But the horse is tired of running

 in the homelands of others

 Whenever I remember my family and children

 My tears fell on my cheek

 for fear of them

 I remember them every time I see families

 Disappeared by the war

 get here and there

 Blood runs like two valleys

 My weapon is on my shoulder

 And my mind is not with me

 We want peace in all nations

 War is not a solution to peace

 We missed love in religions

 We miss the language of dialogue

 Whenever I remember my wife and children

 I know the value of love and peace

 Home is mine

and the earth is for everyone

 We are brothers,

we are role models for a generation

 looking for safety

  War here and war there

 Dead here, wounded there

 Bleeding blood and horses

messing from running

 We want peace,

we dream of peace

 To live in safety

 Give me a piece of bread

 Share it and my family

with some water

 Do not kill my land

and burn my crops

 The country is mine

and the land is for everyone


Hicham Chouki

Poem & Oud Solo

Dimitri Arnauts


An original main melody on the Oud

by Hicham Chouki, on a Symphonic Orchestral music soundscape, a sad march composed by Belgian composer Dimitri Arnauts.

© Copyright 2020 Dimitri Arnauts. All rights reserved.

© Image Rights 2020 Shutterstock Llc.

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