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AdFontes Consort of Music

A new project for you in the heart of Brussels, Belgium: the ADFONTES Consort of Music (formerly known as CLAMAVI ENSEMBLE...)

As a composer with a predilection for euphonic tonal harmony, melody, sacred polyphony, fugue and counterpoint, I’m cordially inviting you to participate to an inspiring, thrilling and original artistic challenge and adventure: bringing the tradition of the sacred cantata and oratorio back to life through exciting thematic concerts, as well as in a real liturgical context.

The ADFONTES Consort of Music ensemble calls for able, motivated and talented singers and instrumentalists - with skills ranging from enthusiastic conservatory students to seasoned professionals with soloistic abilities – who have the desire to foster, ignite and embody a real renaissance of sacred music!

Grounded in the treasures of our multi-secular tradition and practice but also looking boldly forward to the future, my aim as a composer and founder of this new ensemble, is to contribute in reviving the fruitful relation between Art, Community and Faith. Therefore, the ADFONTES Consort of Music will be primarily dedicated to the creation of a substantial body of new qualitative music of my own composition: exuberant or meditative concert psalms, festive musical masses, thematic oratorios and cantatas - on acute contemporary issues and for recognized good causes.

Sounds like something for you? Check the new Website...

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