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A symphony in memory of our tragic history

About the project


I. Alla Marcia - Prestissimo (11'): 'The Faithful Springs'
A slow fugal buildup representing the great Russian rivers who started from their wells as modest brooks. A metaphor of time and long history. Ambrosian and Orthodox chorales as leitmotivs are briefly evoked. The second part of this movement is a lively introduction of the main theme of the symphony in two phrases: an energetic ‘spirit of freedom and life’ theme…. Often crushed and beaten by aggressive brass section impacts and percussive eruptions.

II. Allegro Moderato (11'): 'Tears of the Steppe'
On a slow and serene recurrent harmonic backdrop of the strings section and build on a 4/4 + ¾ polyrhythm, birds and flowers are evoked, as they chant their elegy and stand in memory of all those fallen on the vast plains, in defending their nation and people. The snare drum and martial interventions of the brass section hint to their courage and heroic struggles.

III. Lento - Animato - Con Fuoco (18'): 'The Devil's Lure'
A heroic confrontation between the implacable and severe order of the old tyrannies and recent totalitarian regimes that have crushed and murdered the people: persecution and eradication of the faithful, secret and open resistance of the people against oppression. This is the core movement of the symphony: the eternal and recurring battle between good and evil - with its heroes, prophets and martyrs.

IV. Prestissimo (12'): 'A Free People'
New forms of oppression and obliteration endanger again the people’s existence: the dictatorship of technology and its enslavements are rolled out, extinction and invasion loom again… but the people’s liberty and life theme overarches everything successfully, and has finally the last word !

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